Chasin’ down a dream?

Chase_2Tonight Chase Wright takes the mound for the twenty six time World Champion New York Yankees at home in the house that Ruth built in the Bronx New York.

The young 2007 season has already seen some turbulent times and as I sit here at my computer wearing my 2007 New York Yankees opening day commemorative cap I wonder what we can expect from this young man from Wichita Falls, Texas?
I didn’t get to see him in Spring Training when I made my sojourn there this Spring to watch the pinstriped boys work off the winter rust and get ready for the season ahead…

He’s taking the hill against Jake Westbrook who has an 0 and 1 record and a plus seven era so far this season for the Indians and according to reports is entering this game without his trademarked command of his pitches.
Jake has walked seven batters and given up 12 hits over 11 innings pitched so far this season.
This past Wednesday night against the Angels he allowed three
runs, two of which were earned, on five hits with four walks and four
strikeouts over six innings.
He did manage to keep his team in the ballgame though — but
a lack of run support led to his first 2007 loss.
Chase Wright does lead the Eastern Leagues with 19 strike outs in 14 innings pitched so far for the Trenton Thunder and is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA in two starts this season.
Hopefully the Yankees vaunted offense will give him support early and he’ll do fine.
I’m actually more hopeful than I have been in the past two or three years with not only our bullpen — but our stockpile of arms in triple A and in double A.
I have been very impressed with Darrell Rasner and Brian Bruney this season so far and the bullpen looks very solid with Bruney and Vizcaino helping to support Proctor and Farnsworth.
And with guys like Phil Hughes, Humberto Sanchez, and Chase Wright looking to break into our roster and do big things…
I think our pitching might finally be on the right track, despite our recent injury setbacks.
And for those of us still fretting and wringing our hands over the situation with Mo, I offer the following:
Did you know that according to the Elias Sports Bureau that
the Scutaro walk off homer against Rivera on Sunday was just the fourth walk
off home run against Rivera in his illustrious career?
It’s true !
According to the Elias Sports Bureau Cleveland’s Bill Selby hit a grand slam off
of Mo on July 14, 2002, Boston’s
Bill Mueller had a two-run shot on July
24, 2004, and Toronto’s
Vernon Wells hit a solo drive on July
20, 2006.
And that’s it.
Just those four men and those four games.
Feel very lucky Mark
You just etched your name in a select group.
There are no more names on that list than names of baseball
players in the 40-40 club.
You are one of the few.
But don’t get too proud about it.
There will be another day when you face Mo in the ninth and
I don’t expect the same result.



Until next time,





    “There will be another day when you face Mo in the ninth and I don’t expect the same result.”

    exactly. an overwhelming majority of the time, Mo gets it done

  2. Michael

    Yeah, I honestly did feel like I got punched in the gut the day before yesterday when I watched that ball sail into the left field seats for a walk off’er. But all in all, it was a great series against Oakland and we’d have had 2 out of 3 in dramatic fashion if Mo had gotten the last out and that happens 99 days out of 100 — So I’m choosing to be upbeat about it and our boys. We fought back strong in that game and our ‘pen was magnificent in games 2 and 3.
    If we play that type of baseball for the next 6 months I predict that 2007 will be the year for number 27 !

  3. Jason

    I think we all felts like we got punched in the gut. As you illustrated, we don’t see that happen often. i saw it happen live last year in Toronto and that was tough, but this one seemed much worse. Like Mo, we just got to put it behind us and bounce back stronger.

    I think the Yanks are playing good ball. Definitely better than the 5-6 record.


  4. Michael

    I agree 100% with that J. I mean, look at how Vizcaino and Bruney have been doing in the bullpen.
    Our bullpen (outside of a few key players) has been a weakness for us over the past couple of years and now with Vizcaino and Bruney both doing so well I think we actually have one of the better ‘pens in the AL in 2007.

    And I think Igawa is improving much more than he gets credit for and I thought Rasner was pretty strong too.

    It’s just 10 games and with the cold weather and the snow and some early injuries that will straighten out by the end of the month — I think we’re looking pretty good.

  5. Michael

    I think it’s also a testament to how truly great Mo is that when he doesn’t get it done it’s a major news story. Other ballclubs have closers that it’s big news when they actually get the job done.

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