Not again. Not now. Not off Mo. Not like this.

******* it !
We had a four run lead coming into the 8th inning and the Red Sox scored FIVE runs in the 8th inning.
And FOUR of those FIVE came AFTER Joe Torre went and brought in Mo.
Two of the runs won’t be charged to him because they were inherited runners…
But for Mo to let FIVE runs cross the plate in less than an inning and surrender a FOUR run lead?
I know this is only one game and it’s early in the season and you can say whatever you want to about it but losing this game is a back breaker as far as I’m concerned for both the Yankees and for Mo.Mo6
We could still turn it around and get another come back win, but the damage to the psyche of the Yankees fans will linger for a long time after this game is over.
Especially after that disaster in Oakland last weekend.
Did Mo just have a lack of work coming into this season?
Well, A-Rod‘s hot streak continued and he picked up 4 RBI’s, 3 hits, and 2 BIG home runs…Arod13_1

But if Mo can’t hold it together in the 9th (and in this case the 8th) our favorite New York sports team could be in serious trouble.

This is a game we could have and SHOULD have won.
That’s twice that I’ve typed these same words about a Yankees game in which Mariano gave up a late inning lead.
What now?
I don’t know if I’ll even feel like doing a write up after this game is over tonight in Boston.
We should have won this one and then we could have been in a strong position to win the series.
Now I’m just praying we don’t get swept.
What do we do if Mo isn’t on his game ???




    The great thing about Mo is he has a very short memory. If given the opportunity tomorrow you could stamp it in stone, it will be a freaking save. Let’s just hope we can score enough runs to let Karstens get through some innings. Go Yanks!

  2. Jason

    I too don’t think there’s much to worry about with Mariano. Maybe some more regular work would help. It’s too bad we didn’t get more runs across when we had the chance, and that’s not said because we lost, but because we simply let Boston off the hook, for example with the bases loaded.

    The Yankees will bounce back, no question.

  3. Steve

    As a Sox fan, I couldn’t be happier. But I gotta say, I thought it was over when Mo came in. I guess you have to hang this loss on Torre for not giving Rivera any work during the week. I assume he’s lost his faith in Farnsworth as a set-up guy.

    After all, it’s Mo in the 9th, not the 8th.


  4. joseph

    If Mo isnt on his game? There are a few things you could do. You have offense to spare although it will be tough for another team to absorb some of those contracts. You could part ways with young talent and bring in Lidge (if u want to take the chance). Chad Cordero maybe? If Toronto is out of it by the time Ryan comes back, trade for him. You could see if Chacon has another resurgence in him as closer this time. Call Aaron Small maybe. But here is a thought. Phil Hughes in the pen in a month or so? I know you want him to start but if the situation gets that bad (which it wont) then I dont know. I dont know what kind of stuff he has and if he would have the mentality to close. But realistically even if Rivera struggles some this year, he should still be one of the ten best closers in the game.

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