BREAKING NEWS : Phil Hughes called up and added to the starting rotation !

HughesIt was just announced on the New York Yankees pre-game show it was announced that Philip Hughes has been called up to the big leagues and is being added to the starting rotation this week and will make his first start with the Yankees on Thursday against the Toronto Blue Jays.
Chase Wright, who was scheduled to start opposite of Daisuke Matsuzaka on Friday night in Yankee Stadium has been sent back down and Jeff Karstens will be moved up from Thursday to Friday and will pitch the Friday night game against the Red Sox.
Presumably, Igawa and Wang will make the other two starts on Saturday and Sunday against the Red Sox this weekend.
Moose said he feels fine and is scheduled for a rehab start this week and is then anticipated to make a start next Wednesday, on May the 2nd, in Texas against the Rangers.
Jorge Posada comes back tonight and says his thumb feels fine and while Damon is being held back today, due to the turf in Tampa, he should be back in the line up this week. Replacing Damon in center is Melky Cabrera and Hideki Matsui returns to claim his customary position in left field.
Hopefully we can keep the bullpen in the bullpen for most of the game tonight and give those over worked hurlers a well earned day off.

The starting line up for tonight looks like this:


That’s the update for now from the YES Pregame Show.





  1. Jason

    I’m iffy about how I feel about this. It shows a lack of confidence in Wright, no doubt. My sense is that the Yankees brass sees this as a feeling-out time when, if one option isn’t working, then why not try another. A problem with that is what it can do to young pitchers’ confidence, especially when facing good hitting lineups like Toronto and Boston.

    At the same time, I also feel it can’t hurt, and I doubt that the Yankees see this as long-term. Maybe they think that Hughes could perform as Wang did in 2005, or at worst like Wright and Karstens did last week. If that’s the case, they likely figure that a look at someone different, regardless of the results, is worth it.

    If nothing else, Hughes gives the Yankees an arm NOT cut from the same old cloth we’ve see too much recently–mid-to-high 80s fastball, good off-speed stuff, exceedingly reliant on tight control. Hughes can bring the heat, and when on can mix in good breaking stuff. Maybe that alone mixed into a rotation of banal, same-old same-old arms, is what they want to jump-start things.

    Keep up the good work.


    what about Andy??? he only pitched one inning yesterday, and it would be the fifth day on Friday; why can’t Andy pitch on Friday?

  3. Michael

    I guess it’s because they want to keep Karstens on as regular rest as they can and they didnt want to have Hughes first game as a member of the rotation in Yankee stadium to be against the Red Sox and opposite Dice K.
    If they have Hughes pitch this week it’s either have Karstens pitch Friday or moved up two days on short rest?

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