Flavor of the month

FlavorA-Rod‘s awesome April continues as he has 14 homers this month to go along with his 34 RBI’s in 19 games.
Truly awesome achivement for our uber talented first baseman.
And it got me thinking.
Right now Alex is on pace for 119 home runs.
Also right now the New York Yankees ball club is 8 and 11 on the season and in last place.
So right now the team is on pace to win about 68 games and finish in last place in the AL East behind the Orioles and the Devil Rays.
So here’s the brand new SAT question for you bright young students….
Get the No.2 pencils ready…
Are you ready?
O.K., Here it goes…
(Try and answer it on your own without asking your friends for help and without looking at the bottom of the post to see what the correct answer is !)

Which of these things is going to happen in 2007?

A.) A-Rod will hit 119 home runs
B.) The Yankees will go 68 and 94 and finish in last place
C.) Both A and B will happen in 2007
D.) Neither A or B will occur in 2007

The correct answer is answer D, none of the above.

Try not to get too disgruntled.
Nobody has ever won 142 games in a season and only lost 20.
We’ve only played 19 games so far….



  1. Michael

    I know, I wrote a lot about it my other blog today too.
    But try to just concentrate on the new winning streak we can start tonight?

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