I’m hoping for a rain out again tomorrow

This one was actually really, really painful to watch….
Really painful.
The game started innocently enough and for the first two or three innings both Pettitte and Matsuzaka were economical and effective in their pitching.
Then Andy ran into a speed bump in the form of Kevin Youkilis in the 3rd inning as Youkilis was ableAndy2to cash in on a two strike cut fastball and jack into the stands for a two run home run.
Then in the 4th inning Andy bounced back to strike out the side and in the bottom of the 4th inning the Yankees tacked on four big runs off Daisuke and made him throw upwards of 40 pitches to bring his pitch count into the low 80’s.
Leaving the 4th inning we had a 4-2 lead on the scoreboard and everything looked set up for the middle innings.
Then the wheels came off of the wagon in that inning for the Yankees.
And even that started off innocently enough.
Dustin Pedroia came up and flied out for the first out of the inning and then Andy Pettitte quickly got to an 0 and 2 count with Julio Lugo.
I was thinking he’ll strike out Lugo and then we’ll get Youkilis out and get the Yankees back into the batters box while Daisuke is maybe still a little rattled.
But that was not to be.
After getting ahead 0-2 to Lugo, Andy throws four balls out of the zone in a row and then while Youkilis is at bat Lugo steals second.
I’m starting to feel nervous about this inning now.
Then just like that Youkilis singles and now there are runners at the corners.
I’m thinking great, we can get out of this inning but we’ll have to give up a run to do it.
That was positive thinking at the time because then David Ortiz hits a line drive single to center that scores Lugo and sends Youkilis to second.
So now there are runners at first and second, a run has scored and there’s still only one out.
Then a walk to Manny Ramirez loads the bases with one out.
It’s looking to be a huge inning for Boston when Pettitte picks up a big out by striking out JD Drew.
Then it gets worse again as Andy Pettitte issues a bases loaded walk to Mike Lowell with two outs that scores Kevin Youkilis from third.
Pettitte then follows that up with a wild pitch in Jason Varitek‘s at bat that pushes in another run as David Ortiz scores for third base and brings the score to Red Sox 5 and Yankees 4.
Jason Varitek then walks to re-load the bases and that’s all for Andy Pettitte as he gets replaced by Scott Proctor who is able to get Coco Crisp to fly out to Johnny Damon in center.
But the damage is done as the Red Sox use that half inning to transform a 4-2 deficit into a 5-4 lead.
The Yankees won’t score again in the ballgame as Matsuzaka is able to regain his form and pitch for over 110 pitches and pitch his way into the beginning of the 7th inning and the Red Sox bullpen is able to keep the Yankees scoreless for the remaining three frames.
So that’s it right?
The Yankees lose a tight one again, this time by a score of 5 to 4?
No, that would have just been bad.
What happened was much worse than just giving up another lead and stretching our losing streak to seven games in a row and losing another game to the Boston Red Sox.
No, losing our first home game to the Boston Red Sox with Andy Pettitte on the mound and going to 7 and a half games behind Boston in the loss column would have just been pretty bad.
Just losing with our most dependable pitcher on the mound when tomorrow we are sending out Chase Wright to pitch against the Red Sox in game two after tanking this one would have just been sorta bad.
Just losing yet another game where we led the game in the middle or late innings would have just been kinda awful.
We decided to go all out to really make super duper bad by going out there and giving up six more runs against the Red Sox and losing 11-4.
But fear not Yankees fans…
Just in case you thought it couldn’t have been worse…
It was !
In the 9th inning when we only down 7 to 4 we brought in Mariano Rivera to hold the Red Sox down in the top of the 9th so that we might be able to mount a 3 or 4 run comeback against the Red Sox in the bottom of the 9th.
Mo comes in and strikes out JD Drew and then gives up singles to both Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek.
Then he gives up a RBI single to Coco Crisp and puts runners at the corners with still just the one out.
Then Mo issues a one out walk to Pedroia to load the bases.
Joe has seen enough and replaces him with Mike Myers who promptly walks Lugo and allows Varitek to score.
Now Mo has allowed 3 earned runs to score.
Myers gives up another run before getting the final out and Mariano has entered the 9th and only retired one batter and all 4 runs are charged to his ERA…
Which is now up over 12.00.
We don’t get any runs in the bottom of the 9th and turn in a performance that is losing in true style as we pretty much stunk up the joint in every facet of the game and on both sides of the ball aside from the bottom of the 4th inning when the team had a brief offensive surge highlighted by a two out, two run single by Johnny Damon followed by a two out RBI single by Derek Jeter.
This was easily the most depressing Yankees game I’ve watched in years and if I had a ticket for tomorrow’s game I would dread going to see it.
Hopefully they’ll snap out of it tomorrow and win the next two.
If they get swept again and take a 9 game losing streak into Texas next week I’m going to be really bummed out…

Until later,




  1. Michael

    Jeter is one of the most talented players that I have ever watched play and he always plays the game the right way — win or lose and always plays for every out and every run and every at bat and every play. Win or lose. I think he may be the greatest player (all around and all things considered) that I’ve ever watched personally play for this franchise and maybe any franchise.
    I know he hasn’t won an MVP award yet (at least not in the regular season) and that he’s never led the league in RBI’s or home runs.

    But for his commitment to the game and to the team and everything he brings to the team in total, He may be the most remarkable player that I’ve watched play in pinstripes.

    He is truly one of a kind.

  2. Michael

    I’m thankful every season that we have the good fortune to have him on our team and that I have the good fortune of being able to watch his career from it’s beginning to where he is now.

  3. Jason

    It was a terrible loss, lackluster yet again, unable to respond when down.

    I couldn’t agree more about Jeter. Clutch hardly encapsulates him. His plays against the A’s in the ALDS (“The Flip”) and against Boston 7/1/04 (“The Dive”) are just legendary, not to even mention his playoff bat and World Series exploits.

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