The ‘Bombers pack up their bags and head out west

Today was the third game in the latest chapter of the YankeesRed Sox rivalry for 2007and we lost this game 7 to 4.
Chien Ming Wang
made his second start of the 2007 season for the New York Yankees and although he pitched fairly well he got hurt on a solo home run by David Ortiz in the first inning and then a two run shot by Alex Cora in the fifth inning that contributed to his getting tagged with the loss.
Overall in the ballgame Wang pitched for six innings and gave up on four earned runs on six hits with two home runs to go along with three walks and one strike out.
The bullpen gave up two runs in the remaining three frames when Sean Henn gave up a two run round tripper to Manny Ramirez in the top of the eighth inning.Jeter

The Yankees offense off of Julian Tavarez came in the form of a three run Doug Mientkiewicz home run in the third inning and then a solo home run by Derek Jeter off of Mike Timlin in the bottom of the eighth inning.
All in all it wasn’t a terrible game. 
The Yankees had their chances and couldn’t capitalize on them and a couple of mistake pitchers cost the Yankees four runs and likely the ball game. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’d lost 7 of the last 8 games coming into this game — I would have been far less concerned about it.
In any event the team, and more importantly the bullpen, gets the day off tomorrow and then they head into Texas to play in my back yard.
I’ve got my tickets and my parking passes ready and am set to sit close to the field and root on the Texas_cookin
Bronx Bombers for three games in a row in person.
I’ll break down the pitching match ups for the series tomorrow.
Then I’ll probably be offline for until Friday or Saturday because I don’t have a lap top right now and I’m going to be staying in a hotel near the ballpark since the stadium is about 130 miles from my house.
It’s actually almost cheaper to do that than to drive 780 miles in four days.
I mean with the price of gas being what it is it costs me about 40 bucks just to drive there and back and then there’s the fact that I would be putting about 800 miles on my car. It’s just not really worth it when I can stay in a comfy motel and not worry about all that driving too and fro all willy nilly like that.


Just when I’d reduced Doug Mientkievicz to rubble in my last blog he comes out and is 75% of our overall offense today. This doesn’t really change my opinion of the situation with him and Phelps and Giambi and the "need" for three first basemen — but still … Dougie did good today and deserves a hand. Good going out there today Dougie.

I hope the day off is good for Bob Abreu. He’s one of my favorites and I hate seeing him in such a cold streak at the plate. Lets go Bobby !

I also can’t say enough about the spectacular double play that Wang, Posada, and Mientkievicz pulled off in the third inning. With runners at the corners and one out and one run already in the Red Sox had Julio Lugo at third and Ortiz at the plate. When Ortiz hit a weak dribbler just past the home plate area — Jorge Posada was quick to throw the slow running Ortiz out at first.
Then, for some reason, Lugo decided to tag up from third base and try to score.
Posada quickly pointed to home plate and Doug Mientkievicz fired a strike to Wang who was covering first and they ended up with a 2-3-1 inning ending double play.
Nicely done !



  1. Jason


    I hope you have an absolute blast at the series, and I hope the Yankees take 2 or 3 of the 3. I completely agree about Abreu. He’s a good guy, doesn’t complain or trash people, and clearly is still working counts. But I think he’s pressing and like some others, needs to just RELAX. I don’t know if, when, or how the pitching will get rectified or rectify itself, but I have faith in (most of) this hitting lineup.

    Enjoy the series, buddy. Go Yankees!

  2. Michael

    I know the first game was a blast. I hope the next two go just like the first.
    I’ll have pictures at the end of the road trip !

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