Let’s play two!

WetI was at the game last night and I don’t know how much they showed of it last night but the rains were absolutely torrential in nature.
Absolute worst weather ever for a ball game that I have been too.
They evacuated all of us to the tunnels at about 7:00 CST for precautionary reasons due to tornado alerts and severe thunderstorms.
I really thought they would actually play and just start around 8:45 or 9:00 PM CST, But they called it and we have a double header at 2:30 and then game 2 will be at 7:05.
So for all the east coast fans that will be at 1:30 and 6:05.
I’m hoping that they get them both in today because this is the only scheduled trip that the Yankees are making to Texas this year.
Both of today’s Yankees/Rangers games will be available on both YES and MLB.TV.
It was supposed to be Pettitte against Tejada last night but now it will Pettitte against Millwood in game one and Moose against Tejada in game two.
Kevin Millwood has been complaining about an aggravated left hamstring on Wednesday andwill be evaluated Thursday morning, with right-handed long reliever
Mike Wood prepared to step in if needed. Millwood is 0-2 with an 8.10
ERA in his past three starts.
Also left-handers are hitting
.346 off him which is good since the Yankees are very left handed. Look to see Damon in the line up.
Millwood is 1-1 with a 6.00
ERA in two starts at home and he’s 1-4 with a 4.82 ERA in six career
starts against the Yankees.
Well, gotta run….
I’ll post more when I can…

LETS GO YANKEES and hopefully we sweep the double header and the series !




  1. Jason

    Looking at the picture, I can’t imagine how that enormous puddle in right-center would have dissipated in time for them to play. As a self-described weather geek, I saw that showers were heading toward Arling/Dallas/Ft. Worth, and they turned out to be as bad as they looked on the radar.

    I’m glad you get to see two today, a day filled with nothing but baseball, I bet. enjoy the games, and let’s get a sweep (though 2 of 3 wouldn’t hurt either). Go Yankees!


  2. holepunch09@yahoo.com

    FYI the times for the east coast is 3:30 and 8:05. You are an hour behind the east coast. ; )

  3. Jason

    HUGE SWEEP! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this, Mike. A great series you picked to see, no doubt about it. Matsui, Melky, Jeter and A-Rod were big this series, Giambi belted one today, the starting pitching was excellent all three games, and the Yankees went from 9-14 and in the cellar to 12-14 and in a statistical tie for second.

    I sincerely hope you were one of the Yankees faithful chanting “Let’s Go Yankees! in the 7th (and other times), and “Derek Jeter!” in the 9th. Great stuff. Enjoy.


  4. Michael

    I was indeed Jason and I got my section started in a chant of “hip. hip — Jorge !”
    LOL !

    It was a great day of baseball and to see MoInThe9th in game one and two and pick up two saves in less than 6 hours just plain rocked !

  5. Michael

    Yeah Jason, the weather did look awful.
    You know what’s funny?

    About one or two minutes — literally — after the final out of game 1 of the double header it started raining again.

    This time with hail.

    We were all evacuated from the stadium into the concourse and the tunnels again and the wind was really howling.

    But that stopped after and hour and a half and the second game started about 30 minutes later than scheduled and the weather was great after that.

    It was a really great day to be a Yankees fan.

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