Mo In The 9th To The Second Power

Mo_6Man, those two games yesterday were totally awesome.
Millwood didn’t make his predicted start in game one and Pettitte faced Mike Wood.
Wood did fairly well and limited the Yankee offense to just 2 earned runs in his 6 innings pitched, but it was enough as the Yankees took this game 4 to 3 due to Matsui’s clutch RBI doouble in the 8th. We won, Mariano pitched a scoreless 9th inning and got the save and all was well. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that Andy Pettitte left the game with a 3-2 lead and the light home run hitting Jerry Hariston Junior hits a home run off of Vizcaino to tie the game and eliminate Pettitte’s chance for a win. I hated that. Andy deserved better. But we won and it was a well played game and so I can’t complain too loudly.
Homer_1Giambi also had a booming home run to deep center early in the game that really got the crowd onto their feet.
Even though it was a Rangers home game — there were so many Yankees fans there it felt like a Yankees home game.
Then right after Mo got the last out in game one it started raining and hailing.
We had roughly two hours between games one and two of the double header and it rained all that time and quit just about 15 minutes before the start of game two and game two got started about 7:45 PM CST.
It really felt like somebody up there was looking out for us to get these games in.
MooseThen Moose pitched game two of the double header and out dueled Tejeda for another Yankees win.
He was on a 75 pitch limit coming off the DL and departed after 64 pitched after the end of the 5th inning.
I didn’t know about the pitch limit at the time and was frantic that he hurt himself because he left the game after just 64 pitches while he was pitching well.
But he was fine and we got another win due to some clutch hitting by Derek Jeter and took this game 5-2. Mariano picked up wis seccond scorless 9th inning save and the Yankees fans went home happy.
I’ll post lots more about this series when I’m at my home computer and not the Arlington Public Library CPU.
I took about 200 pictures so I’ll have a huge photo album of them downloaded tonight or tomorrow morning.
Check back tomorrow for more details and a ton of pictures.
Thanks for reading !





    Hope all’s going well, am sure you were as glad to see Mo get a pair yesterday as a lot of co-workers around me here. Hey, c’mon over to the community blog and say who you think has the best name for an MLBlog!


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