Wang is masterful as Yanks roll

Wang3_1There were lots of several great offensive and defensive plays in tonight’s ball game against the New York Mets as the Yankees win the series this weekend by upending the Mets by a score of 8-2 on a home game televised nationally on ESPN.
The Yankees banged out 11 hits and 8 runs with some help from two run home runs hit by Alex Rodriguez (off of Orlando Hernandez with one on and two out in the first inning) and George Posada (off of Aaron Heilman with one on nobody out in the eighth inning).
Despite all of the offensive fireworks there was calm eye in this storm and that was the unflappable Chien Ming Wang who pitched 113 pitches (72 for strikes) in 8 and two thirds innings pitched.
He struck out a career high 8 batters and allowed only 2 earned runs and only one base on balls in the ball game.
I mentioned in my previous blog that I still consider Wang the ace of the staff until another pitcher proves him wrong.
And tonight as he lowers his ERA to 3.33 and won his seventh game of the season and his fourth win in his last four games — I don’t see anything that changes that opinion.
I don’t even need to go into a long drown out break down of the game.
All you need to know if you are a Yankees fan is that Wang was masterful tonight and saved our bullpen a lot of unnecessary work.
He pitched well.
He pitched calm.
And he was just what the Yankees needed tonight against a scrappy and speedy Mets line up.
It wasn’t necessarily a game to get emotional about or anything like that but when they showed Wang in the dug out sharing a warm embrace from Gator, it sort of warmed my heart.
Wang is such a good guy and such a talented pitcher who doesn’t want or need the spot light.
He’s on-line for a $489,500 salary in 2007 from the New York Yankees and is pitching in more than a lot of guys making tens of millions of dollars.
He’s humble and forthright and a hero in his native Taiwan who spends the off season there with his wife and parents.
A great game pitched by a remarkable pitcher who, even though he won 19 games last season and was the runner up in the 2006 AL Cy Young balloting, never seems to get the credit he deserves.
Sometimes not even from Yankees fans.
Yes, it was spectacular that A-Rod hit another home run (his 27th of the year) and yes it was awesome that A-Rod picked up his seventy first, his seventy second, and his seventy third RBI’s in the ball game…
But for once …

Lets shine the Yankee spotlight and the MLB spotlight on somebody who badly deserves it…

Chien Ming Wang.


  1. Jason

    Wang was magnificent tonight, no doubt. I’m surprised Torre didn’t let Henn pitch the 9th to get some work in, then surprised he didn’t let Wang finish the job. But if that’s my biggest gripe about tonight, there’s not much to gripe about.

    The offense is really rolling. Everyone had a hit. A-Rod’s bomb was massive, and just the way to start by getting the lead right away. I hope that Damon’s home run is a sign of his getting healthier. He’s a great table-setter, especially when healthy, and can hit for power and also steal bases. If they keep getting such good team contributions, this team will keep moving up fast.

    I’m glad you’re back around after your brief absence earlier this month.

  2. Michael

    thanks for the kind words Jason and I’m glad to be back as well.
    And the point about Damon is well made.

    If he can get into a good groove while Abreu and Alex are still hitting well — this will be a tremendously difficult offense to slow down…

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