Floundering in Maryland

OriolesNow after getting swept by the Rockies and losing two games out of three to Colorado we come into Baltimore with no bats and no offense and drop the first two games of this series without even a whimper.
We lost 4-3 on Tuesday and then were shut out last night.
Pettitte and Clemens pitched pretty well respectively — but received almost NO run support of any kind.
And to make matters worse in the first game of the series I sat and watched Joe Torre go and call for Scott Proctor instead of Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the 9th when the score was tied two to two.
What does Proctor do?
What does he do to justify Joe Torre’s uncanny confidence in him?
He allows one hit and walks THREE batters.
In one third of one inning.
In a tie ball game on the road in the NINTH INNING.
I would have actually prefered to see him throw a strike that was a pretty good pitch and see it get Davidwellsperfectionc10006973_1tatooed to center for a walk off grand slam.
Either way we lose.
At least we would have kept them honest and made them hit something.
We have a pretty good infield.
We may have even gotten an inning ending double play and then won the game in extras.
We’ll never find out because Proctor couldn’t keep the ball in the zone.
That’s what I loved about David Wells.
Love the man or hate the man he went at people and made them beat him fair and square.
In his 4 years with the Yankees (1997-1998 and 2002-2003) he gave up a total of 139 free passes at a rate of about 34 per year.
That was as a starter.
Right now Proctor is averaging 22 walks a season in his four seasons with New York and he’s a relief pitcher.
He’s already walked 22 this year and the season isn’t half over.
In two of Boomer’s four years as a Yankee he had 20 walks per year.
As a starter.
Now as a reliever Scott has put on 22 and we’re a week away from the Home Run Derby.
It’s time for him to go and I he can’t be gone soon enough for my tastes.
He got one out and walked Ramon Hernandez with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th to give the Orioles a three to two win over the Yankees.
What possible reasoning can there possibly be where you would choose Proctor or Rivera in a situation where if a run scores you lose the game and then drop two games below .500?
What possible reason for that is there?
Why would you do that?
I love Joe Torre and have been defending him against any and all detractors for the past several years but that was just insane.
I don’t understand that move at all.
This has been something that he’s been doing for far too long and until I get an intelligent response as to why, I’ll call it what it is…
Very poor decision making concerning the use of Mariano Rivera and the Yankee bullpen in crucial games by Joe Torre.
These are games we really can’t lose.
We don’t have any padding to rely on because we started out so poorly.

At the start of each season under the Joe Torre era we’ve had a certain number of games to squander.
If you win 100 games and the closest competition in your specific division wins 93 games, then you had a few games to squander.
And at the start of the season we had a certain number of games like that as a pad.
But we started using them all up right out of the box.
Now we don’t have any close games that we should win left to squander if we still expect to make the post season as either the AL East division champions or the AL Wild Card champions.
We can’t afford to be giving these games away like this at this point in the game.
We can’t afford to lose games like this right now.
And yet we are losing them.
And now as I watch this game tonight we have the bases loaded and one out for Alex Rodriguez and a two run lead in the top of the 7th.
And after being forced to watch on as Alex hits into a double play to end the top of the 7th I then had to sit uncomfortably in my easy chair and watch on as Nick Markakis singles on a soft line drive to left field and that gets followed up by a RBI triple by Kevin Millar.
A triple?
By Kevin Millar?
How is that even possible?
So now the lead that was 4 to 2 is trimmed to 4 to 3.
And of course getting that run in from third is easy as saying A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches for any current opponent of the New York Yankees and before you know it the score is tied 4-4.
But getting out of that inning 4 to 4 would be too easy on us.
So before I can go get a coke and sit back down we’ve served up another couple of runs and trail 6-4 with Luis Vizcaino reliving a Chien Ming Wang who is probably back in the club house making plane reservations back to Tawian right now.
The way this team is playing he would probably rather be cooling his heels back playing Sudoku than dealing with all of this.
A sweep at the hands of the Orioles will give us two sweeps in the past ten days and give us a record of 8 losses and 1 win on this most recent road trip.
I was going to do more analyzing of this series but why bother?
We stunk up the joint and to add insult to injury — thanks to MLB and their black out policies I was forced to watch all three games on MASN and get the Orioles broadcasters.
Thorne and Palmer have to be near the top of my list for annoying broadcast combos.
An ugly ten days for the Yankees and their fans.
When will the rain end and is it too late to avoid the flood?
Now it’s in a rain delay and since it’s been long enough for it to be an official game I almost hope that it just gets rained out and so the team can get a few extra minutes of rest before they come back home to play Oakland.

Anyway, I’ve been away from the CPU for the past few days so I just rattled off three new blogs in a row for anybody that’s interested.

Classes and work keep me busy these days…


  1. Michael

    Wow !
    How about that?

    We scored 4 runs in the top of the 8th to match the O’s four runs in the bottom of the 7th and now have a 8-6 lead?

    And again…

    The rains come !

  2. Jason

    Good work, Mike. The choice of Proctor in that game was terrible as he continued to flounder, and since Mariano was well rested. I also agree somewhat about Thorne and Palmer, though Palmer has some good insights about pitchers and players’ approaches. But on the whole, the broadcast made me yearn for Sterling and the radio, and the picture quality on the computer from MASM was a pox on the face of broadcasting, just horrible.

    This team is in a freefall right now, and it’s completely embarrassing. I never would have thought that this season would have gone so badly awry, as the first half has. What a shame.


  3. Neil

    Hey Mike, at least we will have the 8-6 lead when the game is made up. Also, I moved my blog “River Ave Report” to http://www.riveravereport.com. Check it out, also if you could put a link to it on your blog or mention it, I am going to put your link up on mine. Thanks.

  4. Jason

    Mike, have you been following the Yankees’ resurgence? I really hope so, it’s been pretty phenomenal. Hope all is well.

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