Yanks to wear commemorative patches

Yanks to wear commemorative patches
Logo for final season at Stadium complements All-Star patch



The Yankees announced on Tuesday that their players, coaches and
manager will wear a special patch on their 2008 uniforms commemorating
the final season of Yankee Stadium. In addition, the team also will
wear a patch in honor of the 2008 All-Star Game, which will take place
at Yankee Stadium on July 15.

It is the first time the club’s uniforms will be adorned with a
patch for a full season since 2003, when the Yankees wore a patch
commemorating the 100th anniversary of the franchise.

The "Yankee Stadium — The Final Season" patch will feature the
main entrance of the original Stadium as it was prior to renovation in
1976. A "1923-2008" notation along the top of the patch recognizes the
lifetime of the Stadium since its original Opening Day on April 18,

The Yankee Stadium patch will be worn on the left sleeves of both home
and road jerseys. The 2008 All-Star Game patch will appear on the right
sleeves of both jerseys.



  1. Jimmy

    Hi, Michael!

    Thanks for visiting my Blog, and offering your comments on the Red Sox vs. A’s games in Japan!!!

    The first game was a tough loss for the A’s; but, a good win by the Red Sox [we have to give them credit once in awhile]…Manny did have a great game, driving in 4 runs in the 6-5 Boston win!

    Rich Harden pitched great in the second game [6 IP; 9 K’s], and the A’s played a good game to win 5-1…also, big three-run homerun by Emil Brown!

    It was fun watching these early morning games!

    Nice Post! The two “special patches” that the Yankees will wear on their uniforms this final season at the old Yankee Stadium are “VERY COOL” !!! I will definitely purchase them, at some point during this season! Michael, do you have any information on when or where they can be purchased?

    Also, excellent name (“MO IN THE 9th”) for your MLBlog…

    It’s a great honor to the “Great” Mariano Rivera !!!

    Where would the Yankees be without Mariano over the last 12 years?

    Hopefully, he continues to pitch great over [at least] the next three years [or more]; then, when he retires, #42 will also be retired, and, Mariano Rivera will surely be voted into the Hall of Fame the first year he is on the ballot!!!

    Take care, Michael!

    Only “5” days until “Opening Day” for the Yankees!!!!!

    It will be a tremendous feeling to see the Yankees playing at the Stadium this upcoming Monday vs. the Blue Jays!

    Go Yankees! Number 27 in 2008!!!



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