I just deleted my photos in total frustration… The new MLBlogs is stupid …

I used to be able to have photo albums on the side of the blog in a tab.
You could click on the photo album and look at the photos.
For example, I had a photo album with photos from a spring training game that I went to that had about 50 photos in it.
What does the new MLBlogs do ?
It takes away ALL of the albums and has EACH photo as a separate blog entry.
How ridiculous is that ?
I had about 150 blog entries in a row that used to be INSIDE five or six photo albums …
If I can’t figure out how to make some of this better — I’m just going to delete this blog and blog somewhere else.
MLBlogs used to be very cool and informative and had a classic and easy to use look and feel.
Now it’s almost just a bunch of garbage.
This is a classic example of making totally wholesale and totally uneeded changes to a format that was already working fine …

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