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Remember the good old days ? Seems like only a few days ago ….

Remember the good old days ?
It seems like only a few days ago that I had photo albums and link lists.
I spent 3 or 4 hours uploading photos to photo albums a few days ago only to see all that work be for nothing as MLBlogs DESTROYED that.
Then I had spent hours adding links and now I have no links…
I had spent hours looking up ISBN numbers for books and was delighted at how next to the book on the link list sidebar that it would display a thumb nail JPEG of the book’s cover art…
No more…
Seems like it was only yesterday that MLBlogs was a great place full of useful features ….
Sigh ….



If ANYBODY knows how to get my links back on the side of my page — let me know…
And if ANYBODY knows how I can hide or delete that moronic looking “TAG CLOUD” — Let me know that as well …..

I just deleted my photos in total frustration… The new MLBlogs is stupid …

I used to be able to have photo albums on the side of the blog in a tab.
You could click on the photo album and look at the photos.
For example, I had a photo album with photos from a spring training game that I went to that had about 50 photos in it.
What does the new MLBlogs do ?
It takes away ALL of the albums and has EACH photo as a separate blog entry.
How ridiculous is that ?
I had about 150 blog entries in a row that used to be INSIDE five or six photo albums …
If I can’t figure out how to make some of this better — I’m just going to delete this blog and blog somewhere else.
MLBlogs used to be very cool and informative and had a classic and easy to use look and feel.
Now it’s almost just a bunch of garbage.
This is a classic example of making totally wholesale and totally uneeded changes to a format that was already working fine …

I just called and spoke with somebody from MLB.Com

No luck trying to navigate this new system.
God — It looks awful.
If I can’t modify this design at all — I will find a new place to do my blogging.
Why is it that anytime a good system is created that people have to try and “improve” it and then go and screw it all up ?
And why is it that you can’t go to the MLB Blogs main page and go to a drop down list to see all the “non-professional” blogs sorted by a particular team?
Man — these changes totally stink ….

They have totally ruined MLB Blogs

It looks less professional, less elegant, less user friendly, and over all just less appealing than ever before.
Why are all my photos listed as entries like they were blog entries?
Where are my links for my recommended blogs to read or web sites to visit?
Where are the books that I had as a type list?
Why do they have this “tag cloud” thing with words in all different font sizes?
Why does my blog now look like it was written by a sixth grader with three different size crayons?
Can I have my old blog back please ???