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AWOL – Return – Spring Training Tix On Sale Tomorrow






O.K. Guys and Gals,

I’m really sorry to those few people out there who enjoyed reading my Yankees blog last summer for going AWOL on you.
I had some family health issues as well as being extremely busy with work and school.
I’m trying to finish up my masters degree and if all goes well and I get all my work done — I should be wrapping that up by April or May of this year.

Anyway, I’m back again and hopefully can get a few of my readers back.

I’ll write more soon and in the weeks between now and the first Spring Training game I’ll give you my thoughts and ideas about the end of the last season and what’s been going on this off season so far.

In the meantime — New York Yankees Spring Training 2008 tickets will be going on sale on Friday, January 11 at 10:00 AM EST.

Stsched I have added the Yankees 2008 Spring Training Home Schedule for the games that the ‘Bombers will be playing at Legends Field in Tampa here.

If you’ve never been to Spring Training before, I highly recommend the trip if you can spare the time this Spring.

I had always wanted to go and went for the first time last Spring and really did have a blast.

If you have any questions about going to Spring Training for the first time (or if you think you might be going to Tampa around the middle of March and might like to meet up at the Stadium and chat with your erstwhile MLBlog host about the Yankees or baseball in general) then feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail.

I’ll write a blog confirming my Spring Training 2008 plans sometime in the coming days, but at the moment it’s looking as if I will be in Tampa around the 10th or the 11th and will go to three Yankees home games in Tampa and take in one Tigers game in Lakeland.

Last year I went to three Yankees home games in Legends field in Tampa, one Tigers home game in Lakeland, and one Phillies home game in Clearwater.

One good thing about Spring Training is that so many clubs have home parks so close to each other and it’s easy to go back and forth between them.

Anyway, I’ll catch up more later and I’m sorry it’s been so long with no blog.

Until next time ….


I just read on the Yankees website that the Yankees might now be out of the running for Johan Santana (again).

Hank Steinbrenner had this to say on the subject:


"What it comes down to right now is giving up a lot [in a trade] and
then having to do the big contract, as well. If
[Santana] was just a free agent, we could just go ahead and do it.
There’s a big difference this way. We have to sign him as if he’s a
free agent, plus you have to give up major talent. That’s a tall order."

Now, this is going to be a separate blog for a later time but I think that this is probably for the best. We would have to part with Melky Cabrera (and either Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy) along with two other strong prospects to get Santana and then be prepared to extend his deal for 7 years at 140 million dollars as soon as the pact is consummated.

Anyway, Like I said, I’ll blog more of my thoughts on the Santana situation in the coming days …